Monday, 30 May 2011

Simple machine stories!

We have been learning about simple machines. We looked at a whole lot of different ones from around the classroom and home. We had to choose one to describe how it works. These are our stories...

My simple machine is a cheese slicer. You can peel carrot skin off with it and potato skins too. You hold the handle and push the cheese slicer on the carrot.

My simple machine is a door stop. You put in on the floor and push the door on top of it. It holds the door open because the door gets stuck on it.

My simple machine is an egg beater. It has a wheel in the middle. It is made out of metal. You spin the wheel with the handle to beat the eggs.

My simple machine is a clip. It holds food packets closed. It helps you keep it fresh. You open the clip and get a packet. You squeeze the clip closed.

My simple machine is a hole punch. You can make holes in paper and make masks and use it for special activities. You put the paper under the hole punch then you push the top and the hole appears.

My simple machine is a can opener. It opens cans. You grab the handles and you open it then you put a can between the wheels. You squeeze the handles and then you turn the wheel.

My simple machine is an ice cream scoop. It scoops up the ice cream then you put it in a bowl and eat it. The shape is round. You hold the handle and dig in the ice cream and push and pull.

My simple machine is a stapler. A stapler can staple things if you push the front of it. If you staple pieces of paper they will stick together.

Today I picked up a pair of scissors. You have to put your two fingers in the holes. You open and close your hands and the sharp ends will cut the paper.

My simple machine is a pencil sharpener. It can sharpen pencils. It has got a hole on the side. Inside the hole is a blade. It sharpens the pencils. You push the pencil in the hole and turn it.

I picked up a pizza cutter and it is a simple machine. It cuts pizza if you can’t. The blade is a circle and you push it down and turn it.

My simple machine is a mixing spoon. You hold the handle and stir the pancake mixture. It is kept in the kitchen.

I picked up a peg. You hold it with two fingers and you squeeze it so it can open. It is used for hanging up the clothes on the washing line.

My simple machine is a screwdriver. A screwdriver screws nuts and bolts. It can go in your tool case. You hold it with your hand and you turn it round so the screws can turn round and round until the screw comes out.

Today we had simple machines in LZ6. I picked up a cheese grater. It has 4 sides and it has a handle up the top. You pick up the cheese and rub the cheese on the side of the grater.

My simple machine is some tongs. Tongs can pick up sausages and eggs and hot things. This is how you use them: You pick up one hand and put them on the handles and squeeze them down.

My bottle opener is a simple machine. It looks like it has a very sharp end and it makes little holes in the can then you push the can opener into the inside. It makes a bigger hole and then you can drink it.

I picked a hammer with a nail and that sounds like bang. I pick it up with the handle and put it up in the air and push it down to hit the nail.

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