Monday, 28 February 2011

Our first butterfly!

Look at our first beautiful monarch butterfly! She hatched yesterday morning and was waiting for us when we got to class. She spent hours hanging off the plant and drying her wings before flying off to lay eggs in the afternoon. We were mesmerized watching her for most of the day!
We also have another 3 chrysalis and several caterpillars will be turning in the next few days.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Auckland Museum!

We had such a great day at the Auckland Museum! We saw so many interesting things and were fascinated by displays. We had a great session in the classroom with Sean and became insect detectives (or the real name for that - entomologists!). Most of us loved holding the live stick insects and found that they were as light as a feather and quite tickly on our hands. Jackson even made it dance by gently blowing on it.

Our short video contains our photos from our day at the much fun!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Our caterpillar stories!

Today we looked at caterpillars in LZ6 and I held the caterpillars. They looked long and fat and stripy too. The stripes are yellow and black and white. It's legs are sticky so it can stick on the plant.

We touched a caterpillar and the caterpillar is soft. It looks like a train. It is black and yellow and white.

I touched a caterpillar in LZ6. I touched it and it was exciting. It has stripes and is black and white and yellow.

Today we looked at caterpillars in LZ6 and the caterpillars felt like a pillow when I touched it. It is stuck on the tree. The colour of it is black and white and yellow and we looked through the magnifying glass.

Today LZ6 touched a caterpillar. It felt soft. It does green pooh because it munches on green leaves. The colours are black and yellow and white. The caterpillar has 16 legs and it is eating the stem.

Today I got to pick the caterpillar up with my friends and it felt like a pillow. The caterpillar has green pooh because he eats a lot of green leaves.

We have caterpillars in LZ6. We patted them and I like the caterpillar I got to touch. I think caterpillars are my favourite bug.

Today we looked at caterpillars in LZ6. A caterpillar feels soft and he does green pooh because he eats green leaves. A caterpillar has 16 legs but it does not walk very fast.

Today we had some caterpillars in LZ6 and I got to hold one. The caterpillar was smooth and shiny and cute too. Today he did green pooh and kissed on my hand. There were 3 caterpillars and they were sticky to hold.

Today LZ6 looked at caterpillars because we wanted to find out about them. Do you know what it felt like? Like a very soft cushion. It was softer then I thought. Caterpillars make green pooh which is disgusting. Do you know why we don't make green pooh? Because we don't eat green leaves!

The caterpillar is soft and is like a pillow. We have some caterpillars in LZ6. They move slowly. The caterpillars are black and white and yellow and they are stripy.

Today we had caterpillars in LZ6. I got to touch it, it feels soft. The caterpillar can curl up into a ball. I love caterpillars! They are black, yellow and white stripes and look like they are wearing little pyjamas.

The caterpillar feels soft and cuddly. It does green pooh.

We have caterpillars in LZ6. The caterpillars have sticky feet so it can climb on the tree and the caterpillar is soft. We got to touch the caterpillar and it has stripes.

We have caterpillars in LZ6 and in the magnifying glass it looked long and kinda blurry. It was eating the green leaves. The colour was black, white and yellow and it had stripes.

We have caterpillars in LZ6 and it was soft when I felt it. It felt like a pillow. I got to touch the caterpillar today.

We have 3 caterpillars. One is the biggest caterpillar on the plant and the other 2 are smaller. I touched the caterpillar and it felt soft like a pillow. It does green pooh because it eats green leaves. They live in LZ6. The caterpillars have 16 legs and they are sticky so it helps them stick to the plant.

Today we touched the caterpillars and it feels so soft. The caterpillars legs were sticky like velcro. His pooh is green because the caterpillar eats green leaves. I thought the legs were spiky but it wasn't. The antennae were quite short at the back end.

We have caterpillars in LZ6. A caterpillar is fragile and soft like cotton candy. It has 16 legs and they are sticky to help it grip. It is black, yellow and white. They do green pooh because they only eat green leaves.

We touched a caterpillar and it is soft and it is fragile and it has 16 legs. A caterpillar has black and yellow and white stripes. They move slowly.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chunk, check, cheer!

Our new spelling programme is called 'Chunk, check, cheer" and is designed to make spelling easier for children to learn by grouping words and sounds into families. We started with the 'at' family last week and made this poster in Comic life to help reinforce the idea. Already we noticed lots of bigger words that had 'at' in them like caterpillar and atmosphere!


On our very first day at school this year we each made a colourful patterned t-shirt! We wrote about something we were good at. They have been hanging on the wall since day one but are now coming down to make room for a new display. We think they look great and wanted to share them with everyone!


Congrats to Harry and Matthew - for getting an excellence award at assembly and for being our King this week! You both did a great job!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Watch the caterpillar change to a chrysalis!

We found this video on YouTube today. One of our caterpillars is hanging from a leaf in the j shape which tells us it will soon be changing into a chrysalis. This video shows what will happen.

We have a new caterpillar!

We would like to introduce Suey, our newest caterpillar to join the LZ6 family. She hatched yesterday and already has doubled in size! We measured her and she is 1cm long. We hope the other 3 leave some leaves for her to eat!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Crazy Caterpillars!

Look at the crazy caterpillars we have in LZ6! We have named them Huey, Duey and Luey. We are having fun watching them move and grow. We cannot believe how many leaves they eat each day and how fast they change!

Our bug brainstorm!

This morning we started brainstorming all the bugs we want to learn about. We used to make our brainstorm on the computer. Over the next few days we will think of questions we want to know about all the different bugs!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Queen Nikita

Each week LZ6 will have a Queen or King to help Miss Baker with all her chores! There is a special crown to wear and a special throne to sit upon too! For week 2 our lucky Queen was Nikita. Who will it be next week? Watch this space...

Helping Hands!

We have been talking and writing about how we help out at home. It is great to see we all have jobs and responsibilities - this is one of our school values! Keep up the great work LZ6!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Welcome to LZ6 2011!

Hi everyone and welcome to 2011! We have a fantastic bunch of kids in LZ6 this year and we are going to have so much fun together!