Ellie's exciting adventures!

Ellie the elephant gets to go on many exciting adventures because she goes home with whoever is taking the camera.
Watch this page to see what she gets up to!
 At Jackson's house Ellie did some reading.  She was helping Jackson to sound out words that he did not know.
 Alvin took Ellie for a bike ride.  She got to ride at the front in the basket.  She said he is a good rider and she felt very safe the whole time, even when they were going fast down the hill!
 At Harry's house Ellie was very busy and got so thirsty that she needed a drink of Sprite!
 At Ricky's house Ellie got to sleep on the top bunk!  Wow, lucky that she is not afraid of heights - it is a long way up there for a little elephant!
At Nikita's house Ellie made heaps of new friends - and here she is hanging out with them all!  She stands out a bit because she is the only grey one, all the others are white, red and pink!
Ellie loved hanging out with Hannah at her house.  She had 4 children to play with!  She played with toys, ate lots of food and even read books!
Logan and Ellie had lots of fun together eating and playing!  Logan was very kind and shared his breakfast with Ellie and she even had some vitamins to help keep healthy!
 At Nikail's house Ellie got to play with all of Nikail's bey blades which was very exciting!

Nikail and Ellie mad some muffins together which was great fun!  Nikail brought some to school the next day to show us how they turned out!  Ellie said she loved cooking!

Staying at Vivian's house was lots of fun for Ellie!  She made a new friend and had some delicious dinner that Vivian helped to make!

Look what Ellie got up to at Ryan's house!  She is becoming a pretty good cook!  Her and Ryan made yummy m&m cookies!! 
Ellie loved hanging out at Tiffinni's house!  She got to have lots of cuddles with Tiffinni and all her family.  Here she is with TIffinni and her mum!

What a busy time Ellie had with Dylan!  They played a little bit on the piano and then had some fun with the bey blade stadium!

At Jed's house Ellie met lots of new friends including 2 live rabbits!!  She thinks they are pretty cute even if they did look they wanted to nibble on her!

Ellie had lots of climbing fun with Natalee!  They went to Barry Curtis Park and clambered up the play equipment.  Ellie discovered that her trunk was quite useful to stick through holes and see what was on the other side...careful you don't get stuck Ellie!

Ellie had a wonderful time at another playground, this time with Faatimah!  You can see by the photos that Ellie tried out lots of the play equipment here as well...great balancing on the tire Ellie!