Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Diary writing challenge!

As part of our literacy programme we are looking at diary writing for the rest of the term. This week we have been making our very own individual diaries and today they went home for the first time! Don't they look great!! Part of our homework is to write in them at least once a week at home as well as once at school. Each week we will choose one entry to go on the blog! Let's get writing!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Look at our fraction mice!

As part of our learning about fractions we made fraction mice this week! First we had to trace around a circle and cut it out carefully and we had to fold it into eighths (eight equal parts). We needed half the circle for the mouse body, 2 eighths for the ears, 1 eighth for the head and 1 eighth for the cheese. We had to put it all together and add details like whiskers and a tail before colouring it in. We loved making them and think they look great!

Saturday, 27 August 2011


In maths we have been looking at fractions this week. We have been making fractions of objects and of groups of objects. This activity takes us through the basics of what fractions are and has a good activity to practise our fraction skills - click on it to give it a try!
Below are some photos o
f us creating fractions out of geometric shapes.

Friday, 26 August 2011

E Rere Taku Poi

At the JLC assembly on Friday LZ6 performed 'E Rere Taku Poi' under the wonderful guidance of Mrs Browne. Wow, you were all fantastic! Sorry the music is not very loud for the first half.

Rugby world cup lego animation

This fantastic lego animation was on the news tonight and knew that you would all love watching it! Only 2 weeks to go until the RWC starts...

Wacky hair day!

What a wonderful and wacky day we had at school today! It was wacky/wild hair/hat day and this morning was the JLC assembly. To top it off we had a sausage sizzle, samosas and popsicles on sale and in the afternoon it was the final of MHP's got talent!! Whew, no wonder we are all tired!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our amazing dancers!!!

Well done to all of the amazing dancers in Mrs Nyahore's Boogie Bods - You were outstanding tonight at the Dance Festival!!!! I was so proud that lots of children from LZ6 were in the dance and were sooooooo good!! What a clever dance teacher you have in Mrs Nyahore!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


One of our favourite maths games is 'Beep'. First we make a circle and count in ones around the circle. The people who land on a multiple of 5 don't say the number but say "beep" instead and sit down. The winner of the game is the last one left standing. When we play it when try and beat our best time. We are down to 3 minutes and 20 seconds! It is a fun learning game.

Cross the swamp game!

We started playing 'Cross the swamp' after seeing it in LZ5. It is a great way to practise our counting skills. Give it a go at home with mum and dad!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Great job Diyana!

Congratulations Diyana for being our latest school excellence award winner in LZ6! You have earned this by working really hard in class especially on your reading and writing. I am really proud of your effort, keep it up!

Ricky's robot dog!

One of the books that Ricky's reading group read recently was called "Robots you can make". It had instructions for 3 different types of robot including this fantastic robot dog! Well done to Ricky and his family for making the robot dog at home...3 times!! What a superstar family you are!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Rugby World Cup...We are...AMERICA!!!

As part of the Rugby World Cup at MHP we are all supporting and learning about one of the countries involved in the competition. At Fridays assembly one child from each Learning Zone picked a country out of a box and LZ6 got....AMERICA!! We are really excited about this because MHP only has 2 American families and both have students in LZ6! Jackson was super excited as he is one of our Americans and he drew the name out! How cool is that??? We are looking forward to fun American experiences like playing baseball and eating hotdogs over the next few weeks to help us get in the spirit!!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Introducing Aru!

Aru was one of the elephants that Miss Baker met in Bali. She also brought a soft toy elephant home for LZ6 and so we named her Aru as well. You can see that she is much bigger than Ellie but they are already good mates and hang out together in class!

Howick Historical Village by Nikita

Yesterday LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village. My favourite activity was making butter. A lady was inside the cottage. Her name was Mrs Pop. We got a turn of the butter churn, we had to put our hand on the big pump. We put some cream in it. When it was done the lady put the water out and in a while the cream turned into butter. The lady put crackers on a plate and then she put on the butter. I had so much fun.

Howick Historical Village by Dylan

Today LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village. It was fun. We made butter. We got a class photo. We put cream in a butter churn. You have to turn it and with your left hand you hold the handle. You can get the butter after.

Howick Historical Village by Kashvi

We went to Howick Historical Village. We went with LZ1, 4 and 5. We went yesterday. My favourite place was the old church. We saw old houses and we saw a tent. It was fun when we made the butter. We made the butter by turning the handle on the butter churn. When we turned it the cream went into butter and buttermilk.

Howick Historical Village by Faatimah

On Tuesday LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village. Soon as we got there we ate some morning tea and afterwards we went all around Howick. My favourite part was making butter by stirring the handle and we had to be patient. After the butter turned more yellow and when the butter was fully made we ate some butter on biscuits. It was a fun day.

Howick Historical Village by Diyana

On Tuesday I went to Howick Historical Village. I got to make butter and to make butter you have to be patient because it takes a very long time to make butter. To make butter there will be a big jar and you have to put in some cream and also you have to put in some milk as well.

Howick Historical Village by Katie

Yesterday we went to Howick Historical Village. The first thing we saw was toys. Miss Hill taught us how to use the stilt sticks. The lady showed us how to make butter. The lady pushed the butter churn and started rolling it. When the butter was made we all had a bit.

Howick Historical Village by Ryan

Yesterday LZ6, LZ5, LZ4 and LZ1 went to Howick Historical Village on a bus. When we got there it was very rocky but we went there to learn more about toys. My favourite thing was going inside the house with the wooden toys. There was only one marble track in the room but there were eight Jacob's ladders. At lunch I went to boot cam with my friends. We had a race. The boot camp captain was Jackson's dad. We played tag and tug of war then we went back to school.

Howick Historical Village by Natalee

I went to Howick Historical Village with LZ6, LZ4 and LZ5. I went to see the rabbit, he is cute and it is black and white. It was fun to make butter and we ate the butter on a cracker and it was so yummy. We put in cream and we spin the spinning stick and then she showed us the butter.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Howick Historical Village by Vivian

On Tuesday LZ6 and LZ5 and LZ4 went to Howick Historical Village. We saw old washing and there was an old scarecrow. I saw a rabbit that was black and white. We saw old houses. We got to make butter. We had to turn the churn and we all got to have a turn. We did it with Mrs Pop. When the butter was done we got to have crackers and the butter together. It was fun.

Howick Historical Village by Hannah G

On Tuesday LZ6 and LZ5 and LZ4 went to Howick Historical Village. We saw old houses and we saw toys that the children made. They were made of wood and string. Next we made butter. When the butter was we put the butter on some crackers and we got to eat them. After lunch we had free time and we got to walk with our group. We saw lots of houses and we got to go inside the houses. Then we went back to the bus to go back to school. I had fun.

Howick Historical Village by Max

I went to Howick Historical Village. I found the stick houses made out of wood. We played outdoor games. My favourite thing was the port-a-loo because it looked like Shrek's toilet. If I lived then with no toilets life would be stinky!

Howick Historical Village by Logan

On Tuesday LZ1, LZ4, LZ5 and LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village. I saw a house made out of wood and tree trunks. Miss Hall took us for games. There was bowling and some people could stand on stilts. We also played with wooden toys. My favourite was the Jacob's ladder. It was made out of wood and it was a zig zag. The man had a wheel to make it go.

Howick Historical Village by Alvin

Yesterday LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village. My favourite thing about it was lunch time because after we finished our lunch we had a mini bootcamp. We did push ups and racing and after that we played stuck in the mud. The last game we played was tug of war. After play time we went to our groups, my group was Mrs Bassano. We went to every old house. Inside the very old houses were lots of tools then we went past the trees then...we heard the bell!!! We went rushing back.

Howick Historical Village by Jenna

On Tuesday we went to Howick Historical Village. We saw there was lots of old stuff. I liked it. We made butter and we mixed it for a long time. It was hard to make. It was nice and it was yum. They put in salt.

Howick Historical Village by Matthew

Yesterday LZ6, LZ5, LZ4 and LZ1 went to Howick Historical Village. First we went in the bus. I was sitting with Harry and we were sitting at the back of the bus. My favourite part was the toys. Some of the toys were wood. It was fantastic in there. We went in the straw house, it looked old.

Howick Historical Village by Harry

Yesterday LZ6, LZ5, LZ4 and LZ1 went to Howick Historical Village. My favourite thing was the school. Inside the school was lots of toys. One was the Jacobs ladder, it was like a ninja climbing the wall. You pulled the right side and you held the string.

Howick Historical Village by Jed

On Tuesday we went to Howick Historical Village. My favourite part was going to the houses. We went on the rocking chair and I pushed as fast as possible. I was in Max's team. I loved playing with the toys. My favourite one is the toy that the ninja goes up. I liked pulling the string then you leave it alone and it drops back down.

Howick Historical Village by Ricky

I went to Howick Historical Village. We made butter. We had to turn the handle to make it. We put the butter on biscuits and it tasted yummy. I had lots of fun. The old toys were cool. My favourite toy was the little stilts. They were made out of trees. You lift one foot and then the other one.

Howick Historical Village by Tiffinni

LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village. We met a lady at Howick Historical Village and we made butter. We had to turn the handle and it turned into yellow. You put it on a biscuit. I had lots of fun.

Howick Historical Village by Nikail

On Tuesday LZ6 went to Howick Historical village and that's 160 years old. In those days people didn't have electricity, they used rain water and a barrel that's how you make electricity. Children make toys out of wood like stilts, graces and hobby horses. Some houses were very old and had interesting things. The best part I liked was the haunted house, they had a lot of things in the treasure box.

Howick Historical Village by Melissa

Yesterday LZ6 went to Howick Historical Village and we went to the old houses. My favourite thing was the toys that they made. It was funny when the boys did the push ups. Next we made butter. We spun the handle and the butter got thicker and the butter turned yellow and then the lady washed the butter and then she made cracker out of the butter.

Howick Historical Village by Jackson

On Tuesday I went to Howick Historical Village with my dad and LZ6 and LZ5 and LZ1. It was wicked! My favourite thing was the axe because it is sharp to chop down trees. I saw a wagon with wheels. They did not have cars back then!

Noodle hockey with LZ9!

We had a great time with our buddy class last week playing 'noodle hockey'! We had to try and get a goal using only the soft noodle sticks to hit the ball...very funny to watch and play!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Well done to Ricky!

Big congratulations to Ricky this week for earning our School Excellence Award! It was awarded for his wonderful effort in class and his positive attitude towards school life - and very well deserved! Keep it up Ricky!

Happy birthday Matthew!

One week into the new term and already we are celebrating a birthday! Happy 7th birthday to Matthew this week. As you can see his mum was very busy making the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes for everyone to share - thank you!

Welcome back to term 3!

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another great term in Learning Zone 6!
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday like me...I went to Bali, Indonesia for the 2 weeks and had a wonderful time exploring, relaxing and catching up with some very good friends! One of the highlights of my holiday was going to an elephant safari park where I got to have a ride on an elephant and meet lots of elephants of all sizes! The baby elephants were sooooooo funny and were running around chasing each other! I have added a video of some baby elephants playing in a paddling pool that I thought you might like!