Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ice cream by Troy K!

Wow!  Today we had an awesome morning because we ate ice cream.  Yesterday we made the ice cream.  The ingredients were vanilla, eggs, bowls, chocolate chips, cream and chocolate syrup.  Miss Cooper and Miss Baker helped us put the delicious ice cream in our bowls.  Our ice cream was way way better than Tip Top's.  Tip Top's was yummy but our one was creamy, delicious, scrumptious and yummy!  That's how good our one is.  We are going to make our own dinner with our family.  We are going to make heaps and heaps and we are going to have the broccoli, parsnip, carrots and beans for our dinner too.

Ice cream by Andre!

Our ice cream was the best in the world! Wow!  It's awesome.  It's better than Tip Top's.  Yay!  It had chocolate chips in it.  How does it get to be ice cream?  It's so creamy.  We had the beater to mix it.  The beater felt like an earthquake.  The ingredients were eggs and chocolate chips, vanilla and cream too.  The ice cream was so delicious I wanted to shove it all in my mouth!

Ice cream by Hiro!

Wow!  It was the best day ever!  How did we make ice cream?  We made ice cream in the staffroom.  It was better than Tip Top's.  We put chocolate chips in it.  We made vanilla ice cream.  We put in chocolate syrup.  The beater shook like an earthquake.  I liked licked the container.  It was better than my favourite food.  My tummy was rumbling for more!

Ice cream by Melinda!

Wow!  We ate creamy ice cream today.  After jump jam we ate delicious, white creamy ice cream.  Yesterday we made it.  Mrs Bassano helped us, she did the egg yolk.  She put them separate.  We put in sugar, cream and the eggs then mixed it with an electric beater.  The electric beater shook our arms.

Ice cream by Teagan!

Wow!  What a day to make ice cream.  It was better than Tip Top's!  We had eggs, vanilla, chocolate chips, cream and the electric beater.  The beater felt like it was shaking crazily.  We were in the staffroom and then we went back to LZ7.  Today we ate it.  It tasted like chocolate.  It was yum yum in my tum!

Ice cream by Jessica W!

Wow! Our ice cream was better than Tip Top ice cream!  We ate it this morning.  It had chocolate chips in in.  It was the best ice cream I had ever had!  I can't wait to make more!

Ice cream by Frances!

Scrumptious, scrumptious ice cream!  Best school day ever!  We ate it with excitement!  We made it with love!  So how did we make it?  We used eggs, a beater, vanilla and cream.  Wow, I almost forgot two more ingredients - the ingredients that made the ice cream delicious!  Chocolate chips and last but not least chocolate sauce!  It was so delicious that all the teachers want some!

Ice cream by Denzael!

Our ice cream is better than Tip Top's.  It tastes like real ice cream.  The whole class tasted the ice cream.  It tasted like chocolate ice cream.  We all went to the staffroom.  We used the electric beater.  It's like an earthquake.

Ice cream by Risha!

The ice cream was better than Tip Top's.  The flavouring was vanilla.  At the top of the ice cream there were some chocolate chips and syrup.  The ingredients were chocolate chips, syrup, eggs and sugar.  The ice cream looked like butter.

Ice cream by Ishika!

What an amazing morning because we ate ice cream!  It was delicious!  It was vanilla flavour.  It was better than Tip Top's.  The ingredients were cream, eggs, chocolate chips, sugar and syrup.  It was so yummy it made my tummy happy.  We made it in the staffroom yesterday.  Mrs Vohra wanted some ice cream too.  We made it with a thing called an electric beater and a blender.  The blender was shaking and I thought my arm would break!

Ice cream by Gabriel!

Wow! Our ice cream was better than Tip Top ice cream!  It was so delicious my tongue was licking the last bit on my lips.  But the ice cream was all gone!  The ingredients were sugar, eggs, vanilla and cream.  We took turns to mix those things.  The thing we mixed with was an electric beater.

Ice cream by Ria!

Yummy in my tummy.  We ate ice cream today.  The ice cream was more yummy than Tip Top ice cream.  The ingredients were cream, sugar, eggs and chocolate chips.  We made it yesterday.  It looked like mud.  It was really the best ice cream in the world!

Ice cream by AJ!

Yum, yum!  Our ice cream was better than Tip Top's!  We made our ice cream yesterday with eggs and cream and sugar and vanilla and chocolate chips.  We used a beater.  It was shaking like crazy!  When it was finished it looked like a cloud.

Ice cream by Angel!

Wow! Yummy yummy!  Our ice cream is better than Tip Top's!  We made it with eggs, sugar, cream and vanilla.  It tastes awesome!  We made it at the staffroom.  We used an electric beater.  It was shaking like a motorcycle.  When the egg white was beaten it looked puffy like a cloud.

Ice cream by Harry!

Hooray.  We had the ice cream!  It is yummy and it is creamy.  I licked my lips.  I like chocolate!  We put in the vanilla.  We put in the cream and the eggs.  We mixed it all together with an electric beater.

Ice cream by Jessica K!

What a grumble in my tummy!  After jump jam we ate delicious chocolate chip ice cream.  The ingredients in the delicious chocolate chip ice cream were sugar, eggs, cream, vanilla and chocolate chips.  We had turns to mix it with an electric beater.  The electric beater was a bit shaky when I held it.  I wish we had ice cream every day!

Ice cream by Jenny!

Wow! Our ice cream was better than Tip Top's!  Yesterday I tasted the ice cream.  Today the ice cream is cold and frozen.  It's cold on the left cheek.  It was the yummiest of all.  The ingredients were sugar, vanilla and cream and eggs.

Ice cream by Kereama!

Wow! Our ice cream is better than Tip Top's!  We mixed it with egg, sugar and cream and vanilla.  The mixer that mixes it together made my hand shake!

Ice cream by Anhad!

Yum, yum we made better ice cream than Tip Top!  Our recipe was...eggs, sugar, chocolate syrup, chocolate buttons and cream.  We used a blender to mix the yolk and egg white.  AJ's mum helped to separate it.  The blender felt like an earthquake!  I liked it when the earthquake was over.  When the ice cream was like a milkshake we got chocolate buttons and syrup and put it on top.  We waited overnight.  I was begging for it!

Ice cream by Meera!

Yummy in my tummy!  We ate some delicious ice cream.  Today we made ice cream.  We used sugar, milk and vanilla.  The flavour was like yummy vanilla.  And when we licked the ice cream bowl it was....sugary.  When we were mixing with the electric beater it felt ziggy and wobbly.  In the end we put chocolate buttons in the ice cream and also we put in chocolate syrup.  The chocolate looked like dark mud.  Lucky it didn't taste like mud!

Ice cream by Angelina!

Hooray! It was the best day ever because we made ice cream with chocolate buttons!  It was vanilla ice cream and we got to eat it.  It was delicious.  It was fun to make ice cream.  We needed eggs, sugar and vanilla and then we used an electric beater.  Our ice cream was more delicious than Tip Top's!

Well done Jessica W!

Congratulations to Jessica W for getting our class Excellence award at assembly this week!  It was given to you for your fantastic effort and improvement in your writing - your stories have been amazing lately!  Well done and keep it up!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Funny video for you all!

I found this funny video on YouTube and thought LZ7 would appreciate it.  I know it is about a cat but funnily enough it reminds me of Marli the dog so much as she is such an attention seeker too!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Science in a van!

We had the coolest visitors at school on Friday - Science in a van!  They stayed all day and did hands on science workshops for all the kids.  The JLC workshop was on bubbles and Emily and Alan showed us different mixtures and reactions to create different types of bubbles.  Some were huge, some were inside each other and some were even able to be held for ages in our hands!  It was an exciting day of learning...and we are going to follow it up with some bubbles of our own!  Thanks Emily and Alan from 'Science in a van' - you are superstars!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Ice cream in a bag!!

 As part of our 'From Field to Table' learning we decided to make some ice cream!  We had to wear gloves because we were making in with ice in plastic bags and it was FREEZING cold!  We put milk, sugar and vanilla essence in a small bag and then put that inside a bigger bag that was filled with rock salt and ice.  Then we took turns with a buddy to SHAKE it!!!  It took a while so we had to be patient...but eventually we all had ice cream to eat.  It was DELICIOUS!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Thank you letters to Tip Top!

After our wonderful trip to the Tip Top Ice Cream Factory last week, we thought it would be a good idea to send some letters to say thank you!  It was our first time writing letters so we talked about what we should put in them and then practised in our writing books before we published them on paper.  We posted them to Tip Top on Friday so hopefully they will have them now!