Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lever experiment!

Seeing as we are learning about simple machines we decided to make a lever catapult! We had to try with different materials and moving the fulcrum to see if we could get our ping pong ball into the cup...or touch the ceiling! There were balls flying everywhere in the classroom!!! We had SO much fun learning!!!


  1. Miss Baker's Beaut bunch- you're now all famous movie stars! What a fun lesson! Love your simple machine song too.

  2. Thanks for the leaf info. The paddles in the paddle boats function as a wheel around the elastic axle- idea works for both for simple machines and push/pull!

  3. After watching this GREAT video, I now understand why I had spoons and mandarines flying all over the house! It all makes sense now...
    Ricky's Mom

  4. I came to dance dance dance dance...

    Jacksons dad