Monday, 14 November 2011

Introducing Rocky - our visitor from the South Island!

Meet Rocky (who Marli is firm friends with already!) who arrived from the South Island last week. He is originally from Dunedin and one of our linked blogs and he has been visiting another of our linked blogs in Invercargill Now he is visiting us and he has a task for while he is visiting us up in Auckland. We need to find our top 10 places in Auckland that we think visitors like Rocky would like to go! We will have to brainstorm this as a class and try and get him to as many as we can! Welcome to Auckland and Mission Heights Primary Rocky!!


  1. Hi! We have Piata who is our class travel buddy. We enjoy taking Piata home as well as looking at all the places he has visited. Rocky will have a great time with you in Auckland and we are sure you will show him all the top sites in Auckalnd.

  2. It must be fun when he comes. I think the dog is cute. Is the dog a boy or a girl? From Edward

    It looks like he is dancing with the doll. From Charlie

  3. Hi LZ6.................We love the little visitor, his little costume is very cute!! We're all dressed up in spots today for Children in Need!! - We've brought in our own visitors from home all dressed in spots too!! Evie wondered if he goes to everyones house to visit??

    We all love the dog............does he come to school to visit the children??

    Willow Class