Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The ABC at MHP - why our school is cool!

We have entered a competition called 'School is cool' with our buddy class LZ9 and are hoping to win some ipads for school! We made a video of 'The ABC at MHP' - why our school is cool! It has 26 reasons why Mission Heights Primary is cool - one for each letter of the alphabet! It was lots of fun taking photos around school and recording all our voices! We are really proud of our work and our school!


  1. Wow! That is a fantastic illustration of why MHP is cool. I think I could use this video at our meet the parents evening night and for all our new students and families to introduce them to MHP with your permission ofcourse.
    Fabulous work LZ 6 and upside down LZ9.
    Good luck with your entry. I like your very original alphabet ideas and pictures to match the story of MHP! Well done!!!

  2. Well done LZ6 & LZ9. Can see you are having lots of fun!
    Alvin's mum