Monday, 13 June 2011

Snow the guinea pig!

Lucky LZ6 has had a cute furry visitor this week - Snow the guinea pig! We have all enjoyed observing him and having cuddles with his bright eyes and twitchy nose peaking out of the towel. Thanks Ezara for letting us borrow him for a few days!
(don't forget to click on the image to make it bigger!)


  1. Hi LZ6,
    Keri and Ezara here.
    We are so happy you are having fun with our furry little pet guinea pig, Snow. We love him to bits. Have you seen him popcorning around his cage yet?

  2. Gorgeous Snow!! I can imagine him on a talking animal movie!! Hi Jackson - Hope you are having a great day at school!! From Hayley, Sani, Finn and Lily-Ann :O)))