Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Our snail stories!

Today we looked at the snails. I like the snails. It was squishy. It feels slippery and the snails were tickly and slimy.

LZ6 had a look at snails. The colour is brown and dark yellow and black and it is stripy. It felt slimy and it left a silver gooey trail behind it. The snail's body has little bumpy suction cups to help it grip.


Today we looked at the snails. It was slow and tickly. Logan touched the antennae and then the antennae went down. It was cold like an ice block.

The snail is slimy and makes a gooey trail of silver. The eyes are on tentacles that are long and skinny. The eyes go down when you touch it. The snail was amazing and the snail has suction cups on it to make it stick to t
hings .

Today LZ6 touched snails. The snails were camouflaged in their shell and they had long eyes. They were squishy and bumpy. The slime was silver and whitish and when it was on my hand it felt cold and wet.

We looked at the snails and it felt like it kisses and it is ticklish and slippery and feels like chewing gum to touch it. The eyes go down when you touch them.

Today LZ6 looked at slippery slow snails. It w
as very gooey and it was cold and slobbery. It was squishy. Do you know how snails move? They wriggle! It is very wet, slippery and it feels tickly.

Today we touched snails. The snail was slippery as it crawled on my arm. The baby was moving fast and the big snail wasn't moving at all. It was gooey and cold. The snail was tickly. The eyes were tentacles and the spiral shell was a shape like a circle.

Today we looked at snails. A snail has patterns on his shell and it has bumps on his body and it's shell feels hard. The patterns were black and brown and there was a baby snail too. They were sticky.

The snail is slobbery and the snail's body is bumpy. The snail's shell is a koru but the snail's body is not. It leaves a wet trail. It breathes by blowing bubbles.

Today LZ6 touched snail. They were amazing! It feels
so tickly and it went slow but it went up my arm! It's shell was like a pattern like a koru pattern. It felt really, really wet and very, very cold and it was so gooey. It blew a lot of bubbles and it was squishy too. It feels like it kisses your hand.

Today LZ6 looked at some slimy snails. It's foot has suction which helps them to stick to glass a bit like a toilet plunger. It felt squishy and cold, it leaves a slobbery trail. The snail's pattern was a spiral shape, it blows bubbles to breathe.

We looked at slimy snails. I got to hold one and some other kids did too. There were 8 snails. The patterns on the snail's shell is a koru. When I held the snails it felt slimy.

Today we had a snail in the tank. It was slimy and cold and it made a slimy white trail. We touched the eyes and it's eye went down because it was scared.

The snail is sticky and wet and it was tickly. It was gooey like jelly. It is cold and it moves slow. It hid in the shell when it was scared.

Today we are learning about snails. We looked at the snails and I saw the snail's shell, it has got lots of patterns. The snail moves slowly and they blow bubbles because they need to breathe. The snail's eyes are long stalks and the eyes go up and down when I touch them.

Snails look gooey. It had a pattern, it's pattern was black and it was brown too. The snails that were big moved very slowly. They have strong muscles that help them move but they do move slowly.

The snail is soft and slimy. It slid up my arm. It was gooey and cold.

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  1. Great writing on the snail story. Keep up the good work, Matthew.